Expert Instruction

Giger Guitar Studio's experienced instructors have at least a Bachelor of Music Degree and are professional working guitarists in the music industry throughout Nashville, across the country, and around the world.

We offer comprehensive guitar education for students of any age, no matter the scope of their musical aspirations.

Lessons include guitar technique and music theory fundamentals for all beginner students. We also offer intermediate to advanced guitar lessons for any style of guitar playing.   ...learn more about our teachers.

Character Building

We provide the best guitar instruction available, but you gotta do the work! Even the greatest teacher can only provide an environment for learning to happen...the student must seize the opportunity and work hard to understand the concepts and internalize them.

Music Lessons require a partnership between the teacher and student, it requires both of them to give 100%, and we take this partnership very seriously. Like a good gym, diet, or life coach, it is our job to make sure you are giving your all. It is hard, but the result is something you will have with you forever and it's worth it!

Lessons for Life

Two of the most fundamental skills of performance are knowing your craft and listening well. It's an enlightening metaphor for most of life and relationships. As a musician, you must know your instrument through and through, but you must also listen...honestly listen to your sound and learn to adapt to and blend with the sound of others. That's music, and that's life. In a time and culture that is so divided, there is little that is more important than learning to know thyself and love one another. At Giger Guitar Studio, music lessons are also life lessons.

Lesson Studio Hours
Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-3pm
Sunday: closed
Our Monthly Membership Fee

Includes one weekly private lesson AND 24/7 online learning access:

$120/month for weekly 30 minute private lessons
$220/month for weekly 60 minute private lessons